An ultra-fast SQL engine for MapR.

MapR is a Hadoop distribution that supports the storage and processing of very large, fast moving data. MapR can process distributed files, database tables and event streams all in the same cluster of nodes. Kognitio on Hadoop unlocks the speed and scale of querying this data.

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Why did we create Kognitio for MapR?

MapR is unlike other Hadoop distributions; it has features that make it more user friendly, faster and dependable. Components from its technologies provide tools to manage the reliability of data in the Hadoop cluster.

So, we built Kognitio for MapR specifically for massively parallel analytical query processing directly on MapR data. Now you can run hundreds of concurrent SQL queries over your big data sets, so your MapR cluster is even faster to query.

Running directly on your MapR cluster’s nodes, sharing CPU resources with other software and storing its internal data within the MapR-FS.

Why use Kognitio for MapR?

With Kognitio for MapR, you get huge query throughput and high concurrency to serve all your users, directly on your data.

Kognitio for MapR gives you:

Cluster Created with Sketch.

A one-server-fits-all design

that eliminates the need for workload-specific tuning and can run mix-workload use cases at the same time

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Facility to write code in other languages

such as Python and R, and invoke that code from inside your queries within Kognitio

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Cross-platform portability

to have the same consistent Kognitio interface to your data across Hadoop, MapR, standalone and cloud

Kognitio on MapR architecture

Not all SQL on Hadoop solutions are created equal.

There are more than twenty different SQL on Hadoop platforms and multiple use cases for deployment, but the market is far from monocultural. Different SQL on Hadoop engines are optimized for some use cases but not others.

To learn more about how SQL on Hadoop platforms compare, download the full comparison chart.

Installing Kognitio on MapR

Before you begin with Kognitio for MapR:

Check you have MapR version 5.2.2, with or without security, and MapR version 6.0.0 or later

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The nodes which will run Kognitio software will need to have the MapR loopbacknfs client set up on them so maprfs can be accessed as /mapr

Master Created with Sketch.

Install the prerequisite libraries required for Kognitio

Code Created with Sketch.

Adjust the limits of /dev/shm filesystem if you intend to use more than half the available RAM for Kognitio. Read more here.

Comparing SQL on Hadoop engines

There are many SQL on Hadoop distributions with different strengths and limitations. Read how we benchmark SQL on Hadoop.

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Support for Kognitio

Kognitio offers Premium and Standard tiers of service to address the support requirements of any organization.


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